Federal law requires that all modern firearms purchases from licensed retailers be transferred to the buyer on an ATF form 4473, after an approved background check.  This form must be signed in the pretense of the dealer transferring possession of the firearm.  Since most online sales are not to local customers, 'firearm transfers' are a necessary (and very common) part of the industry.  
  Purchasing a firearm can be broken down to two parts: transfer of ownership; and transfer of possession.
*Transfer of ownership occurs when you place your order, and payment is applied to your order.  
*Transfer of possession occurs when 'custody' of the firearm is transferred to you after completion of a 4473 and background check (if applicable).  This usually takes only a few minutes.
  When ordering a firearm online, you will need to select the dealer you wish to have receive and transfer the firearm to you.  Most dealers accept transfers, and the number of dealers is large.  There are many ways to locate transfer dealers.  ATF has a complete listing of FFLs (federal firearm licensees) located here:  https://www.atf.gov/content/firearms/firearms-industry/listing-FFLs
Often, the simplest method is to do a quick internet search for FFLs in your neighborhood.  These will include gun shops and most sporting goods stores, as well as many home-based individuals that gladly handle transfers as a side-business.  These dealers will likely charge a nominal fee for the service.  There is not a standard rate for this, so it is smart to ask what they charge when selecting a dealer to work with.  
  After you choose a transfer dealer, we are required to receive a copy of their FFL before we ship your order.  It is federal law that mandates this.  The vast majority of dealers are well aware of this, and will know exactly what you are referring to.  The easiest way to transmit this is through email.  Most dealers have a file copy saved, and ready for attachment to an email.  This can be sent to [email protected]  
  When you place an order for a firearm, you are making a purchase- not committing to a shipping location.  You do not have to be committed to a transfer dealer to place your order with us.  We just can't ship it out until we receive a valid FFL from the dealer you select.  If you have a dealer ready before you order, you can reference them in the 'Order Notes' section (at bottom of 'Cart' page) so we know who to attach your order to.  If you prefer to locate a dealer after you place your order, please ask them to reference your order number when they send their license to us.  This will prevent delays and help expedite shipping.  When your order ships, tracking information will be sent to the email address we have on file for you.
  The package shipment will contain three main items:
*Your order;
*An envelope with your name and phone number on it.  This will enable the transferring dealer to identify the package's owner, and call you to confirm it's ready for pick-up.  Inside the envelope will be your receipt;
*A copy of our FFL.  This will be used by the transfer dealer to enter the gun into their log book.
The dealer will receive the firearm into their book, then call you to do the transfer form.  As soon as it clears, you will then take possession of your new firearm.