Hoppe's Rifle & Shotgun Cleaning Kit (.22 and larger)

Price: $14.99
Manufacturer Part #:  UOB

Hoppe's kits aren't just convenient, they're extremely well thought out. Hoppe's Cleaning Kits include: Hoppe's No. 9 Solvent, 2 oz., Hoppe's Lubricating Oil, 2.25 oz., round cotton patches, slotted ends and adapters (where appropriate), aluminum cleaning rod. Brushes are not included. Available in reusable plastic box with mounted instructions and more economical clamshell versions.

*Size: Universal
*Includes: Rods/Patches/Solvents
*Case Material: Clamshell
*Caliber or Gauge: Rifle/Shotgun

Model: UOB
Manufacturer: Hoppe's

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