Honos Level III+ M855 Multi Curve 10x12 SAPI Cut

Price: $299.00
Manufacturer Part #:  HIIIM8551012MC

HONOS has finished the design of it’s leading new plate. Weighing in at only 4.9 pounds, the III+M855 10x12 SAPI Cut, Multi Curved Rifle plate is quickly becoming the new go-to plate for Law Enforcement.

Armor piercing 5.56 62 grain Steel Core (M855 / SS109 Green Tip) AND the new M855A1 Tungsten Core Armor piercing ammunition doesn’t stand up to HONOS new Rifle Plate. They’ve created a hybrid plate that combines a grid-ceramic, polyethylene, and shock absorbing foam for protection from the latest threats to law enforcement.

HONOS maintained all their best features with this plate as well. They kept it a 10x12 SAPI Cut, Multi Curved plate at the same affordable cost you’ve come to expect. It is of course capable of absorbing multiple hits.

Model: HIIIM8551012MC
Manufacturer: Honos

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