Quake Claw Contour Sling w/ Swivels

Price: $19.99
Manufacturer Part #:  530008

The CLAW Sling System is widely known for having the best non-slip pad incorporated into a sling. The extremely durable and odor resistant pad is molded into the sling webbing to allow approximately 1/2” of stretch. This stretch spreads the weight of the firearm across the shoulder area greatly increasing your comfort. The unique gripping action of the non-slip pad keeps the firearm in place on your shoulder, eliminating the tugging, rolling and pulling caused by other slings on the market.

*Weather resistant
*Odor resistant
*Allows approximately 1/2" of stretch
*Remains flexible to -40°F
*Lightweight pad is tapered to fit the shoulder closely
*UV stabilized to eliminate fading or cracking
*Will not hold water like foam, urethane or leather slings
*Includes HUSH STALKER II QD metal sling swivels & Quick-Adjust strap

Model: 530008
Manufacturer: Quake

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