MTM Case-Gard 5 Can Ammo Crate Mini

Price: $44.95
Manufacturer Part #:  AC5C

A rugged tactical carrying crate for multi-caliber ammo storage and transport. Comes with five, O-ring sealed Ammo Can Mini's(AC15) for multi-caliber ammo storage. The Mini ammo can is not so mini, when you consider it will hold 700 rounds of 9mm bulk ammo. 400 rounds 45 ACP or 223 bulk ammo. With five Mini’s you can organize by ammunition, pistol magazines, brands, handguns, etc.. As versatile as they are sturdy, loaded crates are stackable, with carry handles and tie-down points on either end for ATV attachment. Made of rugged polypropylene to last. Made in USA.

Use this crate for easier carry and transport of multi-caliber ammo storage

MTM Ammo Can Mini (AC15) features include:
*Water-resistant O-ring seal for dry storage, non-submersible
*Heavy-duty latching system makes for a better seal
*Strong, comfortable handle and double padlock tabbed for security
*Designed for stacking and made of rugged polypropylene plastic;12-pound carry capacity
*Outside Dimensions: 8.4” x 4.4” x 6.8” High
*Inside Dimensions: 6.7” x 3.4" x 5.9" High
*Made in USA

*We do not ship these ammo crates. Local sales only

Model: AC5C
Manufacturer: MTM Case-Gard

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