Hornady Varmint Express .224 Valkyrie, 60gr V-Max

Price: $27.95
Manufacturer Part #:  81531

Hornady's Varmint Express delivers the pinnacle of rifle performance. Each cartridge is loaded to ensure optimal pressure, velocity, accuracy and lot-to-lot consistency. The brass is chosen to ensure it meets our high standards for reliable feeding, corrosion resistance, proper hardness, and the ability to withstand maximum chamber pressures. Like the powder, each primer is carefully matched to individual loads, and all are chosen for their ability to quickly, completely and reliably ignite the powder charge.

*Caliber: .224 Valkyrie
*Bullet: 60 Grain V-Max
*Velocity: 3300 FPS
*Energy: 1451 Ft Lbs
*20 Rounds per box

Model: 81531
Manufacturer: Hornady

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