Mace Trigger Stun Gun with Bright LED - Black

Price: $29.99
Manufacturer Part #:  80325

The Mace Brand Trigger Stun Gun is a compact and powerful stun gun that has a high quality rubberized finish. It's the perfect size to put in your purse, pocket or backpack. Also includes a carrying case, so you can safely carry it at all times.

The Mace Brand Trigger Stun Gun emits a shock of up to 3 microcoulombs and has a bright LED flashlight.

EFFECTS: A shock from the Mace Brand Trigger Stun Gun of one second or less will cause pain and minor muscle contractions. Stunning the assailant for one to two seconds will cause spasms and a dazed mental state. Stunning an assailant for three to five second will cause loss of balance and muscle control. Do not continue to stun an assailant once you are able to escape to safety.

USE: The powerful LED feature of the stun gun may be activated by sliding the arming switch from the OFF position to the midpoint which engages the LED. Use the LED feature to momentarily distract the assailant. To arm the stun gun, slide the arming switch completely forward. The LED in front of the arming switch will glow bright red and the device is ready to stun the assailant. To activate the stun feature, depress the center red stun button with the index finger. To prevent accidental activation of the stun feature, the arming switch should be returned to the OFF position when not in use. Many times, the visual and auditory effects of operating the stun gun by themselves are an effective deterrent. The impressive electrical arc and the loud snapping sound will often make the would-be assailant think twice about attacking. Depressing the stun button with your finger as a warning might be all you need to keep the would-be assailant from approaching. If the situation escalates to where you feel it necessary to deploy the electrical charge of the stun gun on an assailant, hold the electrodes against the body of the assailant and depress the stun button with your finger. The most effective stun locations are the shoulder, hip, thigh, buttocks and below the rib cage. While holding the stun gun against the body, you will not see or hear the spark. You may continue to fire the stun gun for as long as necessary without damage to the device. Once the assailant is subdued, depart from the scene and immediately summon law enforcement for help. Do not punish the assailant by continuing to deploy the stun gun. Do not attempt to take the assailant into custody-you may be injured if you do. When you are in a safe location, slide the arming switch back to the OFF position.

STORAGE: Store in cool dry areas away from heat, flame or strong sunlight. Do not store where temperature may exceed 120F/50C such as an enclosed vehicle. Keep away from water, rain, etc.. If any liquid or foreign object has entered the device, do not use the device.

EXPIRATION: After any use or long periods of inactivity, it is recommended that the stun gun be recharged for 2 hours.

Model: 80325
Manufacturer: Mace

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