NightSnipe NS550 Dimmer Slide Switch w/ Green LED

Price: $49.99
Manufacturer Part #:  DSSLC-G-2215

The all new NightSnipe NS550 EXTREME Dimmer Slide Switch!
For the NightSnipe NS550 / 550 Extreme in Red, Green, White and the NightSnipe NS550 IR (Infrared Illuminator), Predator Hunter Outdoors designed a dimmer slide that is like no other!
Unlike other dimmer switch dials that require the user to use two fingers to operate, this new SLIDE dimmer can be fully operated with just the push of your thumb in a natural shooting position. This allows the hunter to keep his normal hand position grip on the rifle for optimal accuracy and performance.
They took a deep look into how they could improve the current designs of most dimmers available in the marketplace. 99% of dimmer switches out will emit at least 10% light when you turn the dimmer / light on. This can often times be a disadvantage to the hunter as they have no control over the 10% of light other then actually turning the light back off. As we all know, predator hunting can and often times is a very fast paced, seconds to prepare and take the shot sport. This is especially true when hunting at night. There’s a lot going on and having to worry about turning your dimmer switch on and off should not be one of them!
This newly designed dimmer allows the hunter to actually turn their dimmer switch on at the start of the set and have NO light being emitted from the light! This allows the hunter to focus on calling, watching for game, and prepare for the shot. When the game appears, all you have to do is simply slide your dimmer dial forward and emit from 1-100% light. This is extremely important in staying undetected all while seconds away from being ready to take the shot!
Feed that Night vision scope the optimal amount of IR Light!!! Also available for the NS550 / 550 Extreme IR (Infrared Illuminator). Most IR lights available are either a 1 mode, (high) or a 3 mode, (Low/Medium/High). Night vision scopes can be very picky on the amount of IR light they prefer for different hunting situations to reach the optimal viewing picture. To little light and your target isn’t being illuminated to it’s full potential. To much IR light will result in a complete white washout of your picture resulting in loosing your target in the scope.
NOTE: The new NS550 dimmer switch requires the all new dimmer-specific LED. The dimmer will not work with existing NS550 / NS550 Extreme LED’s. You must use the dimmer led to fit your current NS550 / NS550 Extreme Hunting Light.
*This kit comes with a Green dimmable LED bulb*

Model: DSSLC-G-2215
Manufacturer: NightSnipe

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