Impact Weapons Components Keymod Bipod Mount

Price: $9.99
Manufacturer Part #:  BBFKM

This KeyMod bipod MOUNT-N-SLOT Stud directly attaches to KeyMod forends.
Elegent, minimalistic design and keeps the rail simple and virtually unencumbered by adding only what's needed to attach a bipid requiring a single sling swivel stud to attach to the firearm. Single-piece sling swivel stud bipod mount design contains no threaded fasteners which can loosen and fail during use.
*Simple, no-tool installation. NOTE: Removal of handguard may be required.
*Unlike a traditional KeyMod Mount, IWC's Bipod Mount is placed through the round hole in the KeyMod pattern and is secured by placing an O-Ring around the shaft against a shoulder on one end, which provides tension against the inside of the handguard while a c-clip placed into a groove machined into the shaft is used to secure the Bipod Mount shaft against the outer surface of the hand guard.
*Single piece shaft stud design CNC machined from billet 303 stainless steel.
*Plated with black melonite to prevent rust, corosion or wear during a lifetime of use.
*Weighs less than an ounce.
*Proudly made in America.

Model: BBFKM
Manufacturer: Impact Weapons Components

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