KNS Precision Non-Rotating Trigger/Hammer Pins, .154 G2 - Dark Earth

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These are the Generation 2 pin sets. These are the STRONGEST pins that can be produced and were designed to withstand the high impact of full and semi-auto 9mm, .223, and 7.62mm suppressed weapons. The pins are stainless steel. An absolute must-have for all M-16 owners. They will also protect your AR-15. Special anti-creep retainers prevent wear on your irreplaceable M-16 or AR-15 receiver. Pin installation tool & 2 TORX wrenches & screws included. No modification to firearm required.

THE TORQUE SPEC ON THE SCREW IS 11 inch/lbs. MAXIMUM. We recommend 8INCH/LBS of torque.

The .1555 dia. pin is for worn receiver trigger and hammer pin holes. Being non-rotational, further wear is eliminated. They will also fit new receivers and will remove the free-play in match triggers. The .1555 will not fit Jewell Trigger System.

For Rock River National Match triggers use the .1555 only.

*.154 Diameter
*Dark Earth

Model: NRTHP154DE
Manufacturer: KNS Precision

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