Speer Gold Dot 9mm+P, 124gr GDHP

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Gold Dot Reliability for Your Personal Protection Needs

TRUST. It's something that's earned. Gold Dot high performance handgun ammunition has earned the trust of thousands of law enforcement officers across America and around the world.
You, too, can count on Gold Dot's superb performance, accuracy, and reliability with their Personal Protection line. Whether you need the best for concealed carry, home protection, or target shooting, Gold Dot delivers - round after round.
Gold Dot was the first high-performance handgun ammunition to be loaded with true, bonded-core bullets. Using the exclusive Uni-Cor process, they bond the jacket to the core one molecule at a time. This virtually eliminates core-jacket separation, the leading cause of handgun bullet failures and often inherent in the design of conventional bullets. The bonding happens at the beginning of the bullet making process, exactly where it should.
Speer forms the hollow point cavity in two stages. The first establishes how far the bullet can expand; the second controls the rate of expansion. This patented two-step cavity formation gives Speer engineers incredible control in the design process. Each bullet caliber and weight is tuned for optimum expansion and penetration. The bullet is finished to provide a smooth profile for reliable feeding in semi-auto handguns.
Gold Dot is assembled in quality brass cases, nickelplated for smooth feeding and protection from corrosion.

*Caliber: 9mm +P
*Bullet: 124 Grain GDHP
*Velocity: 1220 FPS
*Energy: 410 FT LBS
*20 Rounds per box

Model: 23617
Manufacturer: Speer

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