Powder River Precision XDM 9/40 Drop-In Trigger Kit

Price: $119.95
Manufacturer Part #:  PRP-056-9-40

This Drop in Trigger Kit fits all XDM pistols. The kit contains PRP's famous striker safety lever (to remove the long trigger pre-travel on the XDM trigger), and two different weight trigger springs and striker springs. The competition weight springs (lightest weight) are marked with blue ink. Other reduced weight springs include the sear spring, and the striker safety spring to lower the pull weight. This trigger is made of tough light weight polymer that helps speed up the reset. It also has an integral over travel stop on the back of the trigger. Using this method of over travel stop removes added stress on the trigger bar that are present with any of the other over travel stop methods. When installed correctly, the kit will give you a short crisp trigger pull (about 3.5-4.5lbs) with a fast reset and shorten the total trigger pull length. Fits all XDM pistols.

Model: PRP-056-9-40
Manufacturer: Powder River Precision

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