Hiperfire Hipertouch EDT2

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The HIPERTOUCH EDT2 fire-control drop-in is a high performance, high precision, service rifle upgrade that installs in AR-15 type rifles. The HIPERTOUCH name is short for HIgh PERformance TOUCH and EDT for Enhanced Duty Trigger.

*Drop-In “AR15/10” Fire-Control for .223/5.56 NATO, 300 BLK, .308/7.62 NATO
*Enhanced Duty Trigger
*2 User-adjustable trigger weights of 4½+ and 5½+ lbs
*Single stage, semi-auto
*For standard AR lower receivers using small pins of 0.154-inch diameter
*“Hint” of a creep, slightly shorter travel to break from moment of reset
*Clean break, best-in-class fast/positive reset
*Faster hammer lock-up than stock, MIL-spec strike energy
*Heat-treated alloy steels
*Installs without removal of the safety selector
*Made Entirely in the USA by Americans

Model: HPTEDT2
Manufacturer: Hiperfire

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