NightSnipe Class 2 NS550 Adjustable Beam Hunting Light Kit - R/G/W

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Class-2 NS550 Adjustable Beam Light Kit

The NightSnipe NS550 Adjustable Beam Hunting Light is the top extreme range hunting rifle light on the market today. Whether you use a bolt-action hunting rifle, tactical rifle, modern sport rifle or shotgun, these hunting lights will provide you with the visibility you need to hunt way after the sun goes down. These high powered green, white and red CREE LED lights have a highly effective range and are the best value and highest quality on the market!

NS500 Adjustable Beam Key Features:
*Precisely engineered adjustable beam focus bezel allows adjustments for flood or extremely tight, pin point beam placement.
*1 - Turn rotation allows for quick flood / focus beam adjustments.
*Interchangeable (100,000 hours) American made CREE LED available in red, green, white OR (IR) Infrared for night vision hunters. Change LED colors in less than 30 seconds.
*Available in 1 (HIGH) or 2 (LOW / HIGH) mode LEDs.
*Battery extender allows for use of 1 or 2 batteries.
*Constructed of aircraft grade T-6 aluminum with type III hard adonization for heavy impact and recoil resistance.
*Precisely designed convex glass lens to achieve the highest light magnification possible.
*Built in halo shield allows for less light spill and maintains a focused beam.
*Water resistant with included O-ring seals including LED seal for added protection.
*100% operational at temperatures down to -45 degrees Fahrenheit.
*Low profile, finely tuned adjustable mount system that allows for precise and accurate beam placement.
*Weighing in at just over 15oz and measuring just over 7”.
*Tested, designed, serviced and warrantied in the USA.
*Industry leading 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Range capability for indentifying animal:
**White LED: 500 yards
**Green LED: 400 yards
**Red LED: 325 yards
Range capability for positive eye shine:
**White LED: 800 yards
**Green LED: 800 yards
**Red LED: 800 yards

Comes standard with:
*The NightSnipe NS550 Adjustable Beam Light
*Hard plastic NightSnipe carrying case with protective foam cutout insert
*(1) 2-port universal AC/DC home or car charger
*(3) Rechargeable, 10-year rated Lithium Ion batteries (18650, 3.7 volt, 2400+ mAh)
*(1) Push button on/off tailcap
*(1) Coiled click switch tailcap
*(1) NightSnipe Adjustable Mount System
*(3) 2-mode(low-high) Interchangeable extreme powered 100,000 hour CREE LED in green, red and white
*(1) Dual Battery Extender

Model: C2A-RGW-7635
Manufacturer: NightSnipe

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