SilencerCo Octane 45K, .45 Caliber Pistol Silencer

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The Octane is a user maintainable, multi-caliber centerfire pistol silencer featuring a modular mounting system for use across a wide range of hosts. Innovative, high-strength, stainless steel CTA (Click Together Assembly) baffles are easily disassembled for cleaning and make the Octane the most durable pistol suppressor line on the market. This durability is a vital feature of the Octane and means that it can be used on everything from semi auto pistols to carbines to submachine guns - even hosts like the iconic H&K MP5. In addition, the Octane can be used with 300 Blackout subsonic rifle ammunition.

Octane K 45
*Caliber: 9mm to .45 ACP including 300 BLK Subsonic
*Muzzle Average dB:
135.8 (9mm)
136.3 (.40 S&W)
139.8 (.45 ACP)
*Weight: 9.4 oz
*Length: 6.85”
*Diameter: 1.37”
*Full Auto Rated
*Materials: Aluminum & Stainless Steel
*Does not include piston

Model: SU1273
Manufacturer: SilencerCo

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