Winchester Razorback XT .308 Win, 150gr HP

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Designed specifically for wild boar hunting, Winchester Razorback XT Centerfire Ammo delivers the deep penetration and maximum expansion needed for wild hogs. The one-piece, lead-free, gilding metal bullet features a beveled profile for optimum weight retention and strength to drive through a hog's tough hide and bone. Then the deep hollow point expands the Razorback XT to its maximum potential for extreme knockdown power. Powered by flash suppressed powders that reduce muzzle flash, this cartridge works great in low light hunting or after dark with night vision technology. The Razorback XT's nickel plated, re-loadable brass shell case feeds and functions smoothly in both high performance bolt-action rifles and modern sporting rifles.

*Caliber: 308 Winchester
*Bullet Type: Hollow Point
*Bullet Weight: 150 Grain
*Muzzle Energy: 2630 ft lbs
*Muzzle Velocity: 2810 fps
*Rounds Per Box: 20

Model: S308WB
Manufacturer: Winchester

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