Hornady Custom .450 Bushmaster, 250gr FTX

Price: $39.95
Manufacturer Part #:  82244

Nicknamed "The Thumper," the 450 Bushmaster is the most radical cartridge ever chambered in production AR-15 type firearms. Hornady brings big bore performance to the most popular semi-automatic rifle in America - opening a whole new world of hunting to the battle-proven platform.

Hornady engineers worked closely with the Bushmaster design team building the cartridge to wring every last ounce of performance from the AR-15 without sacrificing any strength or reliability.

Well suited to hunt any North American game, the 450 Bushmaster will quickly become a favorite of bear country guides. By simply switching uppers, shooters can go from the prairie dog towns of South Dakota to bear country in the north woods!

The 450 Bushmaster fires Hornady’s 0.452” 250 gr. SST-ML featuring Hornady’s Flex Tip technology. The overall cartridge matches the 223 Remington at 2.250”, but uses a specially designed magazine. The SST’s sleek profile makes for surprisingly flat trajectories and tremendous downrange energy. Put it all together, and you have a cartridge that gives your AR series rifle a serious attitude adjustment!

*Caliber: .450 Bushmaster
*Bullet: 250 grain FTX
*BC: .210
*Velocity: 2200 fps
*Energy: 2686 ft lbs
*20 rounds per box

Model: 82244
Manufacturer: Hornady

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