Aero Precision EPC 9mm Buffer Kit 7.7 Ounce

Price: $59.95
Manufacturer Part #:  APRH101727C

The Aero Precision EPC Buffer Kit features our Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube and our 7.7oz buffer and spring specifically optimized for use in the Aero Precision EPC.

NOTE: The 7.7oz EPC buffer, it is not intended for use in AR15 or M5 platforms. The additional length and weight will not allow for proper cycling of standard platforms.

*EPC Buffer
*308 Carbine Buffer Spring
*Enhanced Carbine Buffer Tube
*Mil-Spec Receiver End Plate
*Mil-Spec Castle Nut
*Stock NOT Included

Note: For use in a 40S&W, 10mm, or 45ACP build we recommend the use of a heavier buffer spring.

Model: APRH101727C
Manufacturer: Aero Precision

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