Gopher Target 50-Yard Outdoor Target Retrieval System

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Portable 50-yard 2-lane system is a complete unit and includes: Geared head and crank assembly upright, idler pulley upright, 4 cinch straps, four standard stakes, target shuttle with crossbar, spool of Gopher cord and a monogrammed carry bag. Each new system also includes a pack of 12 targets and 2 backer boards. Minimal assembly required. Initial setup takes 30 minutes - normal setup time is 10 minutes.

*Heavy-Duty Construction
*Light Weight
*Developed for Outdoor Use
--Any Season
--Weather Resistant Materials
*Safely Retrieve Targets up to 50 Yards Away
--Check Your Shots Easily
--Stay Behind the Firing Line
*No Electric Required
*Gearbox Ratio Approx. 2 Yards per Crank
*2 Shooting Lanes per System
*Easily Build your Personal Shooting Range
*Ready to Use - Minimal Assembly
*Portability with Easy Setup and Teardown
*Comes with Convenient Carry Bag
*A Product of American Ingenuity

Model: TRS-50
Manufacturer: Gopher Target

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